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Classic full body massage 60 min. - 50 levs

Classic full body massage 90 min. - 85 levs

Back massage (treatment) 30 min. - 35 levs

Back massage (classical) 30 min. - 30 levs


Thai foot massage - Van Ho

In Thailand van ho technique is considered one of the best methods for treating various diseases. It cures headaches and migraines, relieves stress, increases immunity, improves mood, treats sleep problems.

This is because on the feet are more than 70,000 nerve endings and 63 points. Massage acupuncture is performed with special bamboo sticks, which make gentle pressure on specific points on the feet.

Before starting the massage, the masseur says a prayer in the Thai language. It warmed his hands as if by itself, without them he rubs. At the end of the massage is applied hot towel. Then massaged felt particularly ease.
The massage is recommended for people with impaired circulation, lowered immunity, with edema in the legs and body.


Duration: An hour and a half - 40 levs


Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage 30 min. - 35 levs

Anti-cellulite massage (whole-body) 60 min. - 55 levs

improve blood circulation, act against the orange skin (cellulite). Supports the elimination of toxins and improves metabolism.



Developed to treat cosmetic problems affecting mainly the dermis and connective tissue, this method is only based on a combination of two specific treatments: ultrasound and non-invasive subdermal therapy, the effects of which complement each other to offer the most effective results in therapy.

The results of the procedure are compared to those of the ultrasonic liposuction, but without invasive intervention on the body.

- Eliminate permanently all types and stages of cellulite
- Remove peripheral circulatory disorders
- Treat the local obesity
- Modeled and shaped figure
Cellulite procedure - abdomen, thighs (front and rear), seat - 40 min with contact gel - 40 levs
Cellulite procedure - abdomen, thighs (front and rear), seat - 40 minutes with cellulite Thermogel - 45 levs + hands - 48 levs
Whole-body back - 55 levs


Cavitation + RF + vacuum

Cavitation is a process that is induced by ultrasound in the tissue fluid. The method uses controlled low-frequency waves that generate microbubbles. These bubbles burst due to pressure changes of fat cells in the treated areas and disrupted. These fat cells turn into a liquid substance that is derived from the body through the lymphatic and urinary systems. The ultrasonic waves affect the skin and tend to reduce the amount of fat tissue. The effect of cavitation does fatty formations softer, separates them from other tissues, and allows the liquid form is easy to eliminate from the body.


Price of a zone cavitation + RF + vacuum - 25 levs


Ultrasonic face cleaning, stem cells, and argan

Treatment includes:
Facial cleansing with milk and tonic lotion according to skin type Bleu Marine
Facial cleansing with ultrasound spatula under steam
Hand dopochistvane of comedones
Application of serum with argan
Cream mask with stem cells from Crist Marin
Final products according to skin type


Duration 90 minutes - 45 levs


Classic Cleanser

Cleaning with cleansing milk and tonic lotion, exfoliation, vaporization, extraction, darsonvalization, fast mask with strawberry, therapeutic massage, mask according to skin type, final product.

Price: 35 levs

Ultrasonic face cleaning
Ultrasonic face cleaning

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Mask with chocolate and strawberries
Mask with chocolate and strawberries

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Ultrasonic face cleaning
Ultrasonic face cleaning

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