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The Spa

Spa Studio Sabina is a modern day spa in the heart of Sofia. Opened back in 2005, when all still wondering what is the spa and one of the first spas in the country. Located in the central part of the capital between offices, banks, ministries, law firms and others, the studio represents a small oasis where you can relax for a few hours in everyday life. In addition to the soul, they will take care of your body. Once crossed the threshold of this oasis will dream again when you return again. We are expecting you! 

Why we chose orange for our studio?


Because color affects your mood! Besides spices, candles and music, our orange interior contributes to your relaxation. How can a color to affect health or mood? It is still only a result of a perception of the retina of a specific wavelength ... Therefore, in the literal sense of the word color does not exist. This is the only effect that requires the collection of three important elements: the object, lighting and especially sight (of the brain that will interpret it) are .Tsvetovete waves having a specific frequency and wavelength - the primary colors are arranged in a predetermined sequence, which we can see the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue, violet. Each of these seven colors corresponds precisely to one of the seven major chakras of the body. The color of the sacral chakra is orange and brings passion, creativity, self-esteem and vitality. When this chakra is balanced, it creates a feeling of well-being, our emotions are stable and are able to express their true feelings in front of others without fear or exaggeration, we are more confident in themselves, more open and spontaneous.

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